Power to the pelvic floor!

20 Jul

It took me a while, but almost 8 months after the birth of little Nancy I’ve finally taken some action to return my body to its pre-pregnancy state. Having found a Groupon for the fantabulous Brockwell Lido I’ve now been to the gym a grand total of two times.  It’s a fair start.

Anyway, turns out my good friend the Power Plate machine can be found there.  I love this machine because you can do the equivalent of a full workout in 15 mins.  Amaze!  While activating my abdominals, as instructed, it struck me that this has to be great for the old pelvic floor, which in my case could do with some real help right now.  So once I got home I asked the internet.

Turns out that YES!, power plates is the miracle machine for the new Mum.  Why do they not tell you this in your aftercare?!  This article says ‘When using the Power Plate machine, pelvic floor activation is doubled by simply standing on the Plate – this is before any Kegels are performed. When Kegels are integrated into a Power Plate workout, the contraction strength is increased by nearly 25%’.


And that’s not all, exercising just 3 times a week for 15 mins (totally achievable with a bubba) also increases circulation, tightens abdominal muscles, improves posture and accelerates fat loss.  And just in case you needed anymore convincing – ‘celebrity Mums’ Dannii Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum all used power plates as part of their post-natal exercise.  Don’t all rush at once now..!

Brockwell Lido isn’t the only place around here to try it.  In fact High Vibe in East Dulwich is offering a free trial session.  Try it yourself – sure beats the pathetic few pelvic floor exercises I occasionally manage whilst sitting on the sofa watching Come Dine with Me.

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