23 Aug

These pieces popped up on walls all over Dulwich across the summer. I’d read somewhere that they were reinterpretations of famous pieces from the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Coming across this one on Blackwater Street today inspired me to find out more.

Turns out they were created by street artist, Stik and were actually commissioned by the picture gallery – blurring the lines between street art and gallery art.  

Stik, it turns out is incredibly successful with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Ed Sheeran collecting his work. But he hasn’t always had it so good. He tells his fascinating personal story over here. Of his work he says: 

“They’re not just stickmen, they’re people. People became stickmen. They’re shorthand for emotions. They reflect how I feel. The curve of the back, how tucked in the chest is, if the arse is sticking out, whether they are knock-kneed. There’s a lot in the bend of a knee or the shrug of a shoulder.”

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