Clean and let cook!

24 Aug

I keep having this same conversation with other mums:

“What’s Nancy eating?”

“Bean cakes” (it’s not always bean cakes of course)

“Did you make them?”


(Raised eyebrows) often followed by something like, ”You know the pouches are just as good. They’re organic”.  Or “I just don’t know how you find the time”.

Some will call me an ‘organic mum’, or will say I’m uptight for wanting to only give my baby healthy, homemade food (what is this obsession with wanting to appear ‘chilled out’ anyway?)

This week the above conversation happened once again and afterwards I went back to the other mum’s house.  She then proceeded to clean obsessively.  Picking up every last tiny bit of dust that was on her kitchen floor.  In that moment I realised that where she spent her time keeping her house beautifully spotless, I used that time to cook Nancy’s meals*.  It’s actually all a matter of different priorities.  The fact is that we only have so many minutes in the day. So like with anything, we prioritise.  And things hold different levels of importance to each of us.  I’ve always been into nutrition and healthy eating.  This is particularly important to me due to stuff that happened in my past and also health reasons.  I always eat healthy, balanced meals with low sugar and salt myself – so why would I put anything different into the sparkly new body of my precious baby?

The problem is down to those cheeky little moments (or months!) of self doubt that we all have as new mums.  It’s the hardest job in the world…we all know this.  And we’ve never done it before.  The truth is that there is no right or wrong way – only ‘our way’.  To find the strength to find our way, we need the support of those around us.  Our friends, our family and the other new mums around us.  But because often us new mums are in a bit of a pickle, we sometimes feel the need to defend ‘our way’ when others do it differently.  That’s why conversations like that above happen.  But we must resist!  It’s not helpful.  Us mums need to stick together.

So yes, ‘Clean and let cook’, is what I say!

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