Sorry Kirsty-of-the-past

8 Oct

As I lay on the sofa cuddling a very sick Nancy to sleep in front of In the Night Garden earlier on today, I thought about what the Kirsty of six months ago would have to say about all this.

I’m sure that having spent weeks trying a number of different, inventive ways of just getting Nancy to go to sleep please; on her own, and for longer than just 45 minutes – she’d be none too pleased.  In fact I think she’d break down, hands over eyes, forehead on floor, foetal position and in a fit of frustrated tears.

But all that seems a long time ago now.  And Nancy has an ear infection.  She’s in pain and she doesn’t know what’s going on.  Who wouldn’t want to give their little one bundles of warmth and cuddles and reassurance when they’re feeling this way?  It’d be wrong not to.  And I have to (secretly) admit, it has been lovely having cuddles with an otherwise very wriggly little bug, who just wants to scurry around the place rather than have cuddles with her mama.  Even though it means I can literally do nothing else – if I try, she screams.

So I’m happy to deal with the consequences and go through a bit of pain once this is all over to get her sleeping well again as Kirsty-of-the-past achieved before me, all those months ago.  Which will probably mean being woken every 45 mins between midnight and 5am if last night is anything to go by – with Nancy needing my help to get back to sleep.

I only wish this had all been timed much, much better, as Tom is away and it’s my second week back at work.  How single parents do it I have no idea!  Those cuddles must have to be particularly incredible.

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