Help the coffee addicts

5 Nov
Image source:  Vivien Veil

A woman just got up to leave the tube and as she did she dropped a load of coins.  I tried to help by picking some up. She ended up grabbing the pounds and 50’s but left the 10’s, 2’s etc. The woman who then took her seat launched into a desperate plea to me to give her ‘the pound’. Placing her palms together to demonstrate her great need, she explained how she didn’t have enough money with her to buy a coffee this morning and so please could she have the pound.

Eh? Now I NEED a coffee every morning. But I dont consider it a charitable cause. Maybe my addiction isn’t as strong as hers (unlikely), or maybe I don’t consider my need for coffee as a big enough thing, but I would rather wait til I got to the office to have some instant crap than beg a commuter for a fictional pound in front of a carriage-load of people. Because of course I didn’t even have a pound, which is what I explained. ‘She took the pound, its just the 10’s and 2’s left on the floor’. She then scurried around picking up these tiny coins, muttering that she might be able to find enough for her fix.


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