The secret to calm (and hilarious) mornings

9 Jan


I discovered the secret of the universe this morning.  Well actually I discovered something pretty bloody obvious this morning, but it felt like a huge revelation to me.   I discovered that it is possible, with everything that has to happen in the morning just to get everyone to work / childcare, for it to be a chilled and even pretty wonderful time of the day.  To the point where I was able to do the above on the way to work.  I spotted a nice looking bench on Clapham Common and got off my bike and sat on it.  I then opened my current book (Caitlin Moran’s ‘How To Be A Woman’), laughed a lot (I actually laughed on my morning commute – unheard of) before getting back on my bike to cycle to the station.  I was so early for my train that it was sat there waiting for me and offering me a seat.  An actual seat!

How did I manage this?  It was very simple, I got up 30 minutes earlier than usual.  Correction: Nancy woke me up 30 minutes earlier than usual.  I think that due to the sleep deprivation I suffered for most of last year, I’d never considered sacrificing 30 minutes of my now full nights sleep to ease the hecticness of the morning.  ‘Sleep when she sleeps’ is advice I’ve continued to take, even now when I’m actually getting plenty.  Crazy really because what I hate more than anything is being in a rush.  Normally I’d do anything to avoid it.  I’d rather be late than run for a train and get hot, angry and caught between two closing doors.  If I’m rushed I clam up and freak out and am pretty much in a bad mood and good for nothing for the rest of the day.  I’m much calmer, happier and better at things when given sufficient time to do them.

This ‘revelation’ of getting up earlier to take the morning slowly has inspired my ‘word of the year’ – an idea put forward by the always-inspirational Anna at Skin & Blister to give you focus for the year ahead.  I like to think of it as a more focused and sustainable version of a list of resolutions, that can be built upon year after year.  But more on this later…


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