Open your eyes to the ‘Amazingness’ of those unlike you

21 Mar

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I’ve always been aware of how nowadays many of us are really bad for mostly hanging around with people just like us.  Especially in London and especially in media us young folk tend to hang around with other young folk and get on with all the stuff that young folk do.  Spending our days working hard and playing hard together and when we’re not doing that, following each other’s lives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s only when I became pregnant that I realised the implications of this.  Unlike in the ‘olden days’, we don’t mix so much with different generations, those from different backgrounds, those with different lives.  We don’t live on top of each other any more, our communities are weaker and we don’t help each other out as much.  This has led us to have very little understanding of each others’ lives or appreciation of different people’s qualities and difficulties.  Until we become one of them that is.  And then we just wish people would have some bloody consideration!

This all means that until we’re one ourselves we don’t appreciate just how hectic and frustrating life is as a working Mum.  Until we get there ourselves do we know quite how much elderly people need our company and support.  Or unless we are close to a disabled person do we have any idea of just how much strength it takes to do the sort of stuff that the rest of us take for granted.

But do you know what, we’re missing out!  Mixing with different generations, with those to have had different experiences, who’ve taken different paths or have a different view of the world can teach us so much!  They can provide different perspectives, offer a wealth of life experience and open our eyes to all sorts of things.

The Amazings is a project set up to change all this and specifically to encourage us to learn from our elders once again.  To benefit from the rich, valuable and rare skills that they possess and in my mind, to help us value and appreciate them a little more.  You can choose from a range of classes, all run by the over 50’s, including a drumming masterclass with Phil Collins’ teacher, curtain-making, music marketing, bike maintenance and philosophy.  A lady called Fiona can even teach you to see the world through the eyes of children and help you connect with them better in her ‘Understanding the Stresses of Childhood’ course.  What an incredible idea!!


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