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All before 11am

23 Apr
  • Up, bathed (shower broken), dressed
  • Bubs up, bathed, dressed
  • Boyfriend taken to station
  • Get home to realise boyfriend has the only house key (bubs has hidden my house key)
  • Drive back to station to retrieve key from coffee lady
  • Get stuck in roadwork traffic for 30 mins with grumpy and hungry bubs in back
  • Book doctors appt whilst sat in traffic
  • Get home and give bubs breakfast
  • Put baby to bed
  • Do timing plan and email team with actions for today
  • Reply to emails
  • Gather mine and bubs’ stuff for the day
  • Wake baby, take her to the doctors

(bubs fine, just a head cold, phew)

  • Receive call from brother who’s late for a gardening job and wants to borrow our tools, grrr
  • Take bubs to childminder
  • Drive home, grab tools, make toast for hungry brother. Drive him to his job
  • Drive car back to childminder, drop key through the door, walk to station

..and now my working day begins.