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Look what I found – Chris Green’s awesome ink drawings

21 May

In a moment of weakness I succumbed to the temptation to buy myself a coffee on the way in to work (I’m supposed to have given up coffee, umm).

But I’m so pleased I did, because inside The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs on Leather Lane I came across an amazing ink drawing of Kings Cross by an artist called Chris Green.  This is the kind of art I love – stuff with real depth and detail which at the same time reflects a delightfully wonky version of reality.

Chris Green - Shoreditch View

I found a bit of info about Chris and some more examples of his work over here: Student stories: Chris Green.


For small people and their big people – a Christmas experience like no other, this Sunday

29 Nov


Does this look like fun to you?  Well imagine this but with added Christmas magic.  That’s what you’ll find at the West Norwood Feast this weekend.

Click here to read my post on what Tea Dance for Little People-style fun you’ll find at the very special Christmas Feast this Sunday.  To give you a taste, it involves a rapping Santa and a Fairy-who-fell-off-the-Christmas-tree!


Brand love: Coco De Mer’s Pink Japan – Contemporary Sex Culture Salon

23 Oct

BRAND LOVE: Coco De Mer’s Pink Japan Salon

I LOVE this.  I think many brands would do well to consider doing this kind of stuff.  After all, every brand does, or should, stand for something.  Believe in something.  Be into something.  They can, and should, use their passions or their purpose to engage people.  To inspire, to inform, to involve.  By doing so they’ll attract people who share their interests and want to interact with them – just as with any relationship between real people.

Coco De Mer does a lot of this kind of stuff.  They’re never your standard branded experience.  They’re never (obviously) linked to the launch of a product or ram endless brand messages down your throat.  They’re interesting, insightful, delightful experiences that enrich you in some way – allowing people to experience the brand and its values in a much deeper and more meaningful way.

In this case they’re working with Midori – a Kyoto born, Tokyo-raised, Japanese-American author and sex educator based in San Francisco. She is well versed with the contradiction that is 21st Century Japan and possesses a keen insight into culture and sexuality.  In this funny and insightful presentation, Coco De Mer invites you to join Midori for a double-expatriate’s personal tour of Japan’s hidden sexual culture today. And to browse through her collection of naughty magazines, rare books, unusual flyers and other goodies from Japan.

People pay to come to these events.  £75 in this case.  You get champagne (winner) and at the end of the presentation you can, of course browse the Coco De Mer collection and receive a discount on any purchases made that night.  The event is listed on Run-Riot (a listing of cultural happenings in London) along with exhibitions, theatre, club nights.  This alone says a lot.

So yes, I love it.  But no, I probably won’t be going myself 😉